9SP pistol replica

Like most replicas of the Tokyo Marui short arms, the 9SP was made mostly of high quality, durable plastic. Metal was used for the manufacture of the magazine, the trigger, the hammer and the iron sights. Both the gun"s frame and slide were made of plastic.

A rugged, non-slip textures provides a comfortable and secure grip on the pistol, with 3 rear pieces of the grip in set so that the weapon can fit into virtually any hand. Very good balance makes the gun fit well in the palm. Access to all the gun"s manipulators is also very easy. Both the magazine release as well as the slide lock can easily be operated with a thumb. Under the barrel, a 22mm RIS mounting rail has been attached, which enables for mounting of a wide variety of additional accessories, such as tactical lighting or laser target markers.

The replica was equipped with a powerful blow-back system. It retracts the gun"s slide at each shot, and after firing the last BB stays in the rearward position. After inserting a new, full magazine, the slide lock should be released to allow further shooting - just as in a real steel. The Tokyo Marui gas replicas have been famous for their excellent reliability and perfect internal components for years, so we do not have to worry about performance or the correct functioning of the Hop-Up system - it"s a class in itself.

The magazine included with the replica has been made of metal and has a capacity of up to 25 BBs.

The kit includes:

- the replica
- a magazine
- 2 magazine pusher locks
- a barrel pin
- 3 clamshells
- a cleaning rod
- user"s manual

Tokyo Marui Smith & Wesson M&P 9 GBB Pistol

Colour: Black

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