CM048A assault rifle replica

The CM048A replica was made with great attention to detail from steel, metal and high quality polymer. Body, top cover, gas pipe cover, flash hider were made of steel while other small elements were made from zinc anc aluminum alloy. Pistol grip along with front handguard and stock were made using reinforced black polymer.

CM048A has a few modifications when compared to the standard model – these include profiled pistol grip for better comfort and front handguard fitted with 22mm RIS rails allowing installation of many additional accessories, including aiming devices, tactical lights, foregrips and similar.

The replica has fixed stock, inside of which the accumulator is stored. The accumulator is accessed by removing the butt plate. On the left body side there is a characteristic attachment rail, allowing addition of scopes or additional rails. The barrel ends with 14mm CCW thread with flash hider.

Considering it"s dimensions the replica fits perfectly into the medium distance carbine, while long inner barrel and high muzzle velocity grant high accuracy during firefight.

The replica comes with metal hop-up chamber. It is also fitted with very tough V3 gearbox, standard for AK type replicas. In this model however it was modified and fitted wih reinforced frame. Further improvements include 7mm steel bearingsreinforced steel sprockets and reinforced piston head – these make the system work even better.

The use of M125 spring in connection with aluminum sleeve piston resulted in high, as for assault rifle replica, muzzle velocity of 430 FPS. Also contributing to this fact is use of reinforced spring pipe with bearings.

The set includes "Waffle" type polymer 500 round hi-cap magazine.


The set includes:

- the replica
- a magazine
- an accumulator
- a charger
- a ramrod
- an user manual

Cyma CM048A AK101

Colour: Black

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