FAMAS F1 EVO rifle replica

The FAMAS F1 EVO carbine replica is an improved version equipped with a MOSFET system. The replica is made mostly of plastic, mainly very flexible and durable nylon. Elements such as the barrel, bi-pod, bow, screws, pins and internal parts are made of metal . The kit includes a  metal Hi-cap magazine for 300 BBs, which allows for longer fire.   

The replica is equipped with a RIS rail under the front grip.   In addition, it has markings of the flammable version placed on the body. The rifle has a built-in bi-pod for additional stabilization of the shot. An adjustable bow tie and rear sight are placed in the upper transport handle . 

The initial muzzle velocity of the replica is ~ 360 FPS , which makes it an ideal tool for conducting operations at short and medium distances, as well as CQB games - in this case, the size of the replica and its compact construction in the Bull-Pup system are also important significant extension of the inner barrel while maintaining compact dimensions. 

The replica's advantage is the use of the MOSFET system that allows firing in 3 modes: single fire, 3-shot burst and continuous fire as well as ROF programming (rate of fire). 

The replica was equipped with the BAX system , which is an equivalent of the Hop-Up system with a slightly changed design, which allows for a longer and more stable projectile path. The Gear Box chamber is made of metal, while the gears are made of steel , which significantly increases the service life of the entire system.    

The kit includes:

- replica
- Hi-cap magazine (300 BBs)
- 8,4V 1100 mAh NiMh battery
- charger
- front grip

CyberGunFAMAS F1 EVO carbine replica

Colour: Black

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